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Coach Dane And Coach Corey Volunteer With Kinetic Kids

Kinetic Kids

Every Monday evening for the past few weeks, Coach Corey and I have been blessed with the opportunity to help coach crossfit for kids with disabilities through an organization called Kinetic Kids. To say this is the highlight of our week each week would be an understatement. Words cannot describe how much we enjoyed this experience! Each Monday brought on new challenges for the kids, and they met them head on each week and conquered them. Never once did they complain, or say something was too hard for them. Never once did these kids even think about quitting when something was hard.

Instead what I witnessed was an all out attack on movements that they wanted to master. All in their own ways. These kids have no limits, and they knew it. We place limits on ourselves, and honestly at this point I don’t know why we do. It is quite possible that they inspired all of us more than we inspired them each week. Seeing the smiles on their faces throughout a whole workout just out of pure enjoyment reminded me why I love doing this so much. No matter how hard a challenge was each and every one of those kids fought as hard as they could and pushed themselves harder than most of us do. All because they were having a blast working out. They have inspired me to take on new challenges and improve myself in the way they have all improved themselves over the past few weeks both physically and mentally. I think we can all find more ways to enjoy the fact that we are able to do what we do at 210 Crossfit on a daily basis. We can all push ourselves harder, take on new challenges, improve our attitudes, and most of all do it with a smile on our face. No challenge is too big for anyone to overcome, This has been proven to me each Monday. I am forever grateful to Kinetic Kids for allowing me this opportunity, and I know Coach Corey is as well. This truly has been an experience of a lifetime!

Coach Dane

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The $30 Bet

It evolved over time, slowly and calculated. Now comes the moment of truth.

For one week starting Monday May 18th, Ryan Ramos will remain silent at the gym. He will not speak a word. He will gesture and smile, and even dance, but can say nothing while he is inside the gym. $30 is the price for his silence, and I am curious to see if he can do it. Do not be offended if he does not speak to you, as he is honoring his bet.

If he manages to do it, this will be the best $30 I have ever spent in my life…



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