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2015 Crossfit Open

2015 Open

So you want to do the Crossfit Open this year, but don’t know what to do?  Complete the following steps and come on in…and bring your best game!  We want to see it!
Things are a little different this year.  We are organizing it a bit different, so read on and LET’S DO THIS YALL!
STEP 2: Thursday night, the Crossfit Open workouts are released on the Open website. Watch the video to become familiar with the workout and movement standards.
STEP 3:  Find an Open WOD partner!  You and your partner will sign up for a time slot below.
STEP 4:  Agree on a time slot,go HERE to sign up for it! There are 4 different time-slots for Scaled Athletes, 3 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday.  There are a maximum of 14 athletes per time-slot.
STEP 5:  Come get your WOD on.  YOU MUST SHOW UP FOR YOUR TIME-SLOT…that’s right….BOTH OF YOU!!
STEP 6:  Show up early and get you and your partner warmed up.  Doors open at 0700 on Saturday for athlete warm ups.  First 14 athletes start at 0800 SHARP.  All athletes MUST BE READY TO START on their time-slot.  Come in prior and warm yourself up!
Additional information:
-Open Rx athletes have 1100-1200 time-slot for the WOD.
-Drop-in’s are welcome. $20 and we’ll find someone to judge you.  You must still complete STEP numbers 4-6 please.
-If you want to re-do the Open workout, coordinate with a coach to judge you.  It’ll cost $20 cash.
-If you can’t do any of the time-slots allocated for you, coordinate with a coach to come in and judge you.  It’ll cost $20 cash.
Steve and the staff here at 210 Crossfit want to make this a fun and challenging, team building event for you this year.  In order to make it as fun and safe as possible, we ask that you follow the 6 easy steps above!  Lets show San Anto how the Crossfit OPEN is done!
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Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Hey gang, for the week of 11/23/14, 210 Crossfit will have the following schedule:

  • Sunday – Tuesday: Normal hours
  • Wednesday: AM Classes +Noon ONLY. Completely closed from 1pm on
  • Thursday (Thanksgiving Day): CLOSED
  • Friday: Noon, 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes ONLY
  • Saturday: Normal hours
  • Sunday: Normal hours

Thank you for your understanding and please enjoy your holidays with your loved ones!

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