‘Tis The Season!

The answer is yes, it really is that time of year again already.

For all of us in the CrossFit world, we are about to be fully immersed in, “the season”. The 2018 Open is drawing closer with each passing day. Soon you will constantly be asked if you are going to sign up for The Open by almost everyone in sight at your box. Have you thought about what you might say? For some of us the answer is a simple yes, of course we will be participating. We have routinely done this year in and year out, and now we are “seasoned veterans” to Dave Castro’s evil shenanigans and he doesn’t scare us anymore.

But what about everyone else? The “umm maybe?” group, the “I’m not going to Regionals” group, the newbies who have no idea what The Open even is, and the group that never participates year in and year out. What about you? Most likely you will be wavering back and forth over the course of a month and a half doing your best to stomach all the peer pressure of your coaches and peers, just to make a simple yes or no decision. Well here is the truth for you. The answer from everyone should always be yes! The Open is a wonderful time of year in all CrossFit gyms across the world where entire gym communities come together and pull for one another to do things we didn’t think we could do over a five week time period. We see people get their first Muscle Up or Handstand Pushup, we see people lift loads they never thought they would be able to lift, but most of all we see communities come together in fellowship over health and wellness. The Open is a time to not only push our boundaries and limitations of our own performance, but it’s a time for us to celebrate our own ability to move.

You see, participating in The Open to some may seem scary, but the overall truth is that it’s just another workout. You don’t think twice at any point in time throughout the course of the year about going to the gym and doing the daily WOD anywhere between 2-6 days per week, so why should you be afraid to do 1 workout a week for 5 weeks when everyone in your gym is going to be right there by your side every step of the way cheering you on even through the toughest of AMRAPS? You shouldn’t be! My challenge to you this year is to pocket all the excuses, the fears, and the limitations you set on yourself, and just go for it! Sign up for The Open at your box, and give it everything you have just like any other workout! The experience is like no other, and the amount of self accomplishment is not quantifiable, but most of all rejoice in the fact that you can come together with your friends and gym family each week to celebrate the health that you have and workout together. The memories you will build during this time and the amount of comradery you will encounter will be more than enough to keep you coming back for more year in and year out.

So next time you get asked about The Open, confidently let them know yes you want in, and you can’t wait for it to start. ‘Tis the season everyone!

-Coach Dane