Energy Bombs

Energy Bombs Recipe 

Let’s all talk about our favorite subject real quick; food. Specifically, how about we talk about snacks. We all love to snack. Some snacks are better for you than others, while some taste better than others. The beauty in snacks lies in the fact that they are quick and easy, and in the world we live in today quick and easy is the way 99.9% of us like it. So, here we are stuck with a decision to make almost every day as to what we should have to snack on…the healthier option, or the delicious option that may not be as healthy. Today, I have a solution for you that fits both categories, is quick, and you can make on your own in about 10 minutes. Enter the “Energy Bomb” 











Ingredients: Granola (Nature Valley Protein Granola shown) and Peanut Butter (JIF Creamy with protein shown, but your favorite spread works as well) 

Step 1- Place 1 cup of granola in a bowl 

Step 2- Scoop a small amount of peanut butter (or alternative spread) out of the jar and drop in to the bowl of granola 

Step 3- Toss the granola around in the bowl in order to cover the peanut butter 

Step 4- Mold mixture into a ball and place on a plate or any other flat surface that can be chilled 

Step 5- Once all “Energy Bombs” have been molded and placed on your flat surface move into refrigerator so they can set (this takes a few hours)

Step 6- Remove from refrigerator and eat as a snack 

There you have it! A simple quick delicious tasting snack that sits on the healthier side of the spectrum. Enjoy! 

-Coach Dane