The Champion’s Mindset

All to often I hear the phrase “I can’t”. It comes from a young kid playing Little League, from a mother of 3 who is wanting to improve upon her healthy lifestyle, and also from a competitive athlete who is preparing for performance at a high level. It seems that no matter which way we look we find someone using this extremely negative phrase. We puts unnecessary limitations on ourselves. Now a days failure is accepted, defeat is ok, and working hard to earn something is almost non existent. “I can’t” has become an acceptable way of life in society.

What if we changed “I can’t” to “one day I will”? Just because we were not able to accomplish something today doesn’t mean we won’t be able to do it tomorrow. What you are today doesn’t define who you will be in 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years. You never know what could happen if you give in to your own negativity and give up. I have personally witnessed a college freshman who struggled on the mound and the adjustment to the college baseball game go on to pitch in the MLB, witnessed one of my friends go from 300+ pounds to one of the fittest men on the planet, and I myself went from not being able to properly do a snatch to being one of the best -85kg olympic lifters in the USA. Yes, you read that right. The guy who has multiple top 10 finishes in USAW national events couldn’t snatch more than 93kg/205lbs just 4 short years ago. No it wasn’t steroids that got me to today. It was an attitude that lacked “I can’t”. The same is true for the other 2 people I mentioned as well. What if we all had said “I can’t” along the way and quit? These feats would have never happened.

You see, champions aren’t always those who finish in first place in competition. Champions are those who are able to push through the tough times and continue to pursue what they want. Champions don’t give up until they reach their goals. Champions don’t say “I can’t”, instead they say “one day I will”. It’s time for all of us to adopt this mindset when it comes to our lives. It doesn’t just have to be sport related. Having a positive mindset can take you a long way. Having a strong belief in one’s self is well more than half the battle. Champions believe in themselves more than anyone else ever has. It is time for us to start having this same belief and kick the “I can’t” to the curb! It’s time to go out and do the work that is necessary to be successful in the long run. Remember it’s not about today or even tomorrow, but it is about the long term. Don’t give in after 1 bad day, 1 day of failure, or 1 day of defeat, instead use it as fuel to drive your ambitions. “I can’t” should never appear, and instead “one day I will” should keep you motivated for success.

The time is now for each of you. There is no better time to begin having a more positive mindset, and working towards becoming your own champion than right now! Head down, eyes forward, go forth and do the work.

-Coach Dane