The Path to Success

The Path to Success

We all want to be successful in life. No one wakes up and says my goal for the day is be the biggest failure ever. It just doesn’t happen. The issue is often that we want success to happen overnight. Let me break it to you as honestly and as bluntly as possible…SUCCESS DOES NOT FOLLOW A LINEAR PROGRESSION. There I said it. You understand it. Now stop believing that you can just magically wake up and be the strongest human on the planet, or the most successful business owner of all time, or even the best home run hitter of all time.

In those three examples do you know what the common theme is? The hard work that took place day in and day out. Barry Bonds didn’t hit 762 home runs in his career by never taking extra batting practice, or by not lifting weights. You can have your opinion on PED use with him, but that isn’t the point here. He had to work nonetheless.

Hafthor Bjornsson didn’t win the Arnold Strongman Classic by sitting back and watching his opponents do strongman activities each day. Instead, he put in the time and effort needed in all phases of training that set him up for success to win. This took many long days, and long hours of training, eating, and recovery.

As human beings we want everything nowadays to happen for us so fast that we forget that some things take time. If your goal is to lose weight you need to understand that it will be a process that happens over time…like maybe a 1 year process…365 days. That is a long time! If your goal is to make the CrossFit Games or USAW National Championships, you have to understand that there is no trick or magic program to get you there. The “trick and magic program” that gets you there is you yourself making sacrifices to work towards your goal, you putting in the long days of work/school and training, and you no longer making excuses for why you can’t get there. If you want something bad enough then you have to go out and make it happen. It may take awhile for you to get there, but when you finally do it makes the ride along the way, and all the sacrifices made worth every bit of struggle you endured. The time has now come for you to not only go out and put in the work necessary, but to be patient with the process that it takes on the long winding road called the path to success. Go get ‘em tiger!


  • Coach Dane