Our Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Join CrossFit Gyms

Our Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Join CrossFit Gyms


Within the last 5 years, CrossFit has become a mainstream fitness sensation. Back in 2000 when the company was born the only way you knew about CrossFit was if you were part of the “CrossFit Cult”, or you “Drank the Kool-Aid”. Nowadays, everyone knows what CrossFit is because it is on every corner just like Starbucks. Everyone also has their own opinion on CrossFit as well, whether or not they have ever given it a shot. All this being said, I have been actively involved in CrossFit for over 6 years now, with knowledge of it even long before I started. I have heard every reason in the book as to why people don’t want to do it, so here are our top 5 reasons why people don’t join a CrossFit gym.


#5 “It costs too much”

Not so breaking news, CrossFit is kind of expensive. You truly may not be able to afford it, especially when the globo gym down the street is only $10 per month. Here’s my question to you though, do you get anything out of going to that globo gym for $10 per month? Most likely the answer is no, you show up and wander around aimlessly for 2-3 hours not getting much done. You spend a large amount of your time at the gym, but are not getting the results you so desperately want. You have no help, or watchful eyes to make sure you do things right, and you have no idea what you are actually going to do at the gym 99% of the time when you go. At CrossFit gyms we take care of all of this for you. Us coaches work hard, we don’t just sit at a desk all day checking you in and saying “Hi! Have a good workout.” Instead, we are actively involved in coming up with a program that gets you stronger, helps you to lose weight, and makes you more fit than you were last year. We watch over you while you work out, we make sure you do things the right way so you stay healthy,and we connect with you on a personal level so not only is the gym the time you come get fit, but it’s also a place you come and get to workout with your friends. We get all of this done for you in 1 hour a day! Should I also mention that we keep you healthy, therefore you aren’t spending money on healthcare for things like chronic disease which can be way more expensive than just getting that membership and showing up a few times per week. You know what? Maybe CrossFit really isn’t that expensive all things considered now.


#4 “I am not in good enough shape”

Somewhere out there this concept of a certain level of fitness is needed to do CrossFit came up. Tendency is to think that you have to be able to lift all kinds of weight, and be able to run a sub 5 minute mile in order to do CrossFit. In all reality this is so far from the truth. CrossFit was invented for every reason that any other gym was created…to get people to become more healthy. There is no starting benchmark level of fitness needed in order to do it. In fact, most of us have done some form of CrossFit before, it just was probably called something else. You see, in the end CrossFit is just another form of exercise that people are using to become healthier, stronger individuals. We all start somewhere. Whether that is walking into the local globo gym and doing 10 minutes on the treadmill, or going through your first few days of CrossFit at your local affiliate, it is all with the same end goal in mind. Become healthier, stronger, fitter. The only way to do this is to show up on a consistent basis over a long period of time. Through this, you become whatever that mysterious term “in good enough shape” means.


#3 “I don’t want to become bulky”

This one consistently comes from females. They see pictures, and videos of professional athletes who have muscles and veins popping and think “oh I don’t want to look like that at all.” Well to be completely truthful, have you ever seen any of these athletes in everyday life, or is it just when they are pumped out from exercise? My guess here is no, most of us have not. When the body is going through strenuous activity such as lifting weights, or high intensity fitness such as a traditional CrossFit workout or sprinting the body is pumping copious amounts of blood throughout the body to the areas that are doing the work in order to keep them working. This blood supply often creates what we all know as “the pump.” Muscles and veins will “pop” often during these times and make athletes look pretty big! In all reality though, when they are not training these women look like normal healthy human beings. The truth behind becoming too “bulky” lies in the hormonal systems in the body, and the key ingredient is Testosterone. This is a hormone produced by men. Women have very little Testosterone in the body, so ladies unless you are chemically enhancing and manipulating your levels of this hormone it is going to be extremely difficult to become “bulky.” Through working out at high intensity and lifting weights will you burn fat, and build a bit of muscle mass? Yes absolutely! Will it be enough to become “bulky?” No absolutely not!


#2 “It’s too dangerous”

Guess what? Life is dangerous. Being unhealthy is dangerous. Playing sports is dangerous. Being active is dangerous. Yes, that means CrossFit is dangerous under these terms and circumstances. In all reality, you have the exact same chance of slipping and falling down the stairs at your house as you do getting hurt being active. The risk is always there no matter what we do. Do you say no to playing in a recreational basketball league with your friends because there is a chance you roll your ankle while playing? Probably not. Do you tell your friends no that you can’t go hiking with them up a mountain because you may slip on a rock and fall? Again, no probably not. These activities are considered just as physical as CrossFit, yet I often see people think twice before starting because somehow working out and trying to be healthy is now all the sudden dangerous. I will tell you what is dangerous. Ignorance…ignorance is dangerous, not CrossFit. Ignorant coaches who do not do their jobs and keep you safe are dangerous. Ignorant coaches who program things that put members at risk are dangerous. Ignorant coaches who don’t take the time to actually coach you are dangerous. Ignorant athletes with egos, and no patience are dangerous. Ignorant athletes who do stupid “internet” tricks are dangerous. This does not make CrossFit itself dangerous. Do your due diligence and study up on gyms, ask the necessary questions, and familiarize yourself with a gym and it’s staff before committing, but do not just write off CrossFit because someone said it is dangerous. I can promise you that not all gyms are the same, and there are quality coaches and gyms out there who are ready and willing to help you become healthy and pain free.


#1 “I don’t have time”

This next statement is going to hurt some feelings. This is the absolute worst excuse I have ever heard when it comes to working out/joining a gym. Your health is important, and there is always time in your day to give. If it is important to you, or you really need to make the change you can find time. This is where the beauty of CrossFit classes comes in. Classes are 1 hour a day, and gyms have schedules that go at all kinds of various time slots per day. Yes 5am in the morning may have to be the time that you attend, and you will have to get up at 4am, but the benefits you will receive far surpass the consequences. Maybe your time frame is 7pm after a long day at work. Again, sometimes you have to suck it up and make it happen, but you actually do have the time. Honestly, you can even get a few small items to keep in your garage for a home gym. It doesn’t have to be extremely fancy to be effective. If you have 15 minutes, you can still get in enough work to be effective with the correct intensity levels I promise. Fitness does not have to be a 3 hour marathon session. Being active anywhere between 3 and 5 days per week is plenty to gain many of the health benefits physical activity has to offer. You just have to be the one to do the work consistently over time, as well as the one who has to commit to take advantage of the time you do have to do activity. The next time you want to use time as an excuse, really sit down and assess if that is really the truth or not.


At 210 CrossFit, we are here to help you with any and all of your health and fitness needs, but we cannot do our jobs without the help of you the member. These were only the top 5 reasons why people won’t end up joining the gym, that leaves numerous other reasons that were left unsaid. Ask yourself this one question, are you going to come up with a reason why you cannot join that can be added to the list, or are you ready to commit to becoming healthier and receiving the long term benefits of what fitness has to offer you?


-Coach Dane