19.1 Tips & Strategy

15 Min AMRAP
19 Wall Balls (20/14)
19 Cal Row

Truth be told when the workout was released I was told what it was and my response was, “That’s it? What’s the catch?” Well the good news for everyone is there is no catch, that really is it. Right in line with my style, simple and effective. There is nothing cute about it, it is quite bland, it is something you likely look at and go “Nah I don’t wan’t to do that, let’s do something else.” In the grand scheme of things though, it’s perfect. Two simplistic movements that everyone can do, at no point is it too much for someone, and for those who are trying to qualify for the games it’s a test of will power, essentially who wants it the most. I myself already performed the workout, and here are my thoughts on tips and strategy. Keep in mind I am not an Elite CrossFit Athlete by any means.

1. Wall Balls- For the everyday human 19 is a number that is on that cusp of “I might be able to do them all unbroken, and I might not.” If this is you, I suggest breaking it from the start into 2 sets. Something like 10/9 or 12/7 will do the trick. Keep the break very quick. For those of you out there who are above average or better at wall balls do them unbroken everytime no matter what. Do not even think about putting it down. They really were not that hard to perform unbroken each round. In order to maximize your score the quicker you get through the wall balls the better. Each round you do the time it takes to do 19 wall balls should be about the same no matter who you are and how you do them.

2. Rowing- This is where the workout is made. If you are trying to make the Games, how fast can you go and keep ahold of? That is the question you have to answer. Your score on this workout is 100% dependant on the time it takes you to row 19 calories. The faster you can get it done, the more rounds you will get. For the everyday human, my suggestion is to know the cal/hr pace you can hold over the course of 15 minutes while under leg and lung fatigue. If you blow it out early, your row will get really slow and your score will suffer. Stay calm, breathe, drive through the legs, and get long. Maximizing your score will rely on you knowing yourself as an athlete and what you can legitamitely maintain.

3. Transitions- Keep them close together, and quick. Do not hesitate one bit to pick the wall ball up after rowing, and do not hesitate one bit to get on the rower and start pulling. Keep the straps on the foot pedals loose where you can slide your feet in and out with no problem. DO NOT…I repeat DO NOT waste time pulling the straps tight on your feet when you get on the rower, because then you will also be wasting time loosening them when you are finished.

4. Be tall…sorry short people

Go and get after it, have fun, and enjoy yourself! Remember this time is about personal growth and accomplishments, so don’t lose track of the big picture.

-Coach Dane