About 210 CrossFit

We are a training facility, solely dedicated to the success of our members. Our operation runs 6 days a week, and we open our doors each day with the intent to give our athletes every tool and opportunity to flourish. Our only measure of success is the success of our athletes.

In 2009, we started out of a garage with only $200 worth of equipment. We had only 2 clients, but we were so dedicated to their training and goals that they told 2 more people. In a matter of 8 months, we grew to over 80 athletes and the small garage gym suddenly became obsolete. We moved to a bigger facility, expanded and moved again. We diligently train over 100 athletes per day and still growing.

Our purpose is to give strength, hope, stamina, endurance, power and happiness to those who choose to be apart of the 210 family. We’ve seen our athletes lose weight, gain muscle, jump higher, run faster and feel the best they have ever felt in their lives. Whether you’re 16 or 60, we can help you.

We welcome you with open arms to 210 CrossFit.