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19.2 Strategy & Tips

19.2 Strategy & Tips 19.2 is…16.2. I remember it like it was yesterday! The core is shot, the body is completely on fire, and the weight on the bar feels way heavier than it says it is. By the time… Read more »

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Saturday February 23, 2019

ANTE Teams of 2 3k Row Time Trial *Switch anytime* WOD Teams of 2 For Time 100 DB or KB Squats 80 Burpees 60 Box Jumps 40 Pullups 20 Shuttle Sprints (10 Each Alternating) *Split work anyway except sprints*

19.1 Tips & Strategy

“19.1” 15 Min AMRAP 19 Wall Balls (20/14) 19 Cal Row Truth be told when the workout was released I was told what it was and my response was, “That’s it? What’s the catch?” Well the good news for everyone… Read more »

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