Getting Started

Step #1 – Get a Free Assessment

It is paramount to your success that you learn and practice the fundamentals of what we do before you are exposed to lifting heavy weights and moving quickly. Many gyms unfortunately ignore this critical aspect of training and throw you helplessly into the class. This is incorrect and dangerous, therefore, WE DO NOT PRACTICE THIS TYPE OF NONSENSE.

During your free assessment, our coaches will review your goals, training history and get to know you as a person. We will assess your flexibility, movement patterns, and cardiovascular endurance. Based on your assessment, we will determine the amount of help (School Of Fitness) you will need before entering the group classes.

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Step #2 – School Of Fitness

95% of all beginners to our program need the expertise and guidance of a coach. Our coaches are trained to ensure your safety and comprehension of the complicated movements that CrossFit requires. Our athletes will be prepared for success once they spend quality personal training time with our coaches.

The number of sessions required varies based on individual assessments.

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Step #3 – Select a Membership

  • Unlimited CrossFit: $165/month
  • Weightlifting Club: $150/month
  • Open Gym & Punch Card: Please inquire as pricing varies